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Holistic Recovery Article in Paradigm Magazine

Holistic Recovery Article in Paradigm Magazine When we asked 150 substance abuse counselors what they thought were the four behaviors accounting for the majority of chronic diseases and premature deaths, they immediately shouted out the

‘Psychology Today’ interview

Don't Just Do It: 'Psychology Today' interview Laurie Helgo, PH./D. published an interview in with James Prochaska in 'Psychology Today' on 1/17/17: "People have become so skeptical about New Year's resolutions, we now have a

Thriving to Recover

In our first blog, we discussed how individuals who seek to recover are having their health and well-being damaged, not only by substance abuse or mental illness. Damage is also being done by two or

Holistic Recovery

Four behaviors account for more than 70% of all chronic diseases, disabilities, and premature deaths. They are smoking, alcohol abuse, unhealthy diet, and inadequate exercise. Why are these Big 4 behaviors so crucial to our