One Hour Keynotes to Full Day Workshops

Key Presentations:

Addiction and Stages of Change

Alternative Strategies for Changing Multiple Behaviors

Applying the Science of Behavior Change to Improve Workplace Health and Productivity

Changing for Life: Using the Stages of Change to Support the Recovery Process

Changing to Thrive: Using the Stages of Change to Enhance Health and Well-Being

Compassionate Caring for Patients at Each Stage of Change

Constructing Tomorrow’s Health System with Prevention as the Foundation

High Impact Paradigms to Enhance Health and Productivity

Holistic Health for Recovery

How to Use the Transtheortical Model to Help Patients at Each Stage of Change

Inclusive Care to Reduce Health Disparities

Integrated Health Care

Treating Mental Health Patients and Populations at each Stage of Change

Recent Audiences:

American Association of Nurse Practitioners

American Association of Occupational Health Nurses

Army Medical Centers

Association of Addiction and Prevention Professionals

Carevoltion in São Paulo, Brazil

Harvard, Stanford, Miami, and Rissho, Tokyo Schools of Medicine

Health and Social Services in Oslo, Norway

National Association of Social Workers

Psychological Associations

SOPHE Annual Meeting

U.S. Chamber of Commerce


In this podcast, Jim and Jan Prochaska talk with Helen Osborne about:

  • What the Stages of Change Model is. And how it got started.
  • Why the Stages of Change model is relevant to health literacy and health communication. Including its role in informed decision-making.
  • How listeners can use the Stages of Change Model when communicating about health. And communicating about health literacy.