Janice’s Personal Story:

Some of the warmest memories involve walking with my mother to the library to borrow books filled with characters real or imagined. My favorites still involve individuals faced with challenges to fulfilling their lives. The theme of my career has been to help such individuals. For 30 years at Child and Family Services in Newport, RI, I was responsible for developing new programs to enhance the well-being, especially of the disadvantaged  children, adolescents, families and older adults.

To keep up with my children pursuing Ph.D.s, I went part time to earn mine in Social Work. My dissertation applied Jim’s model to organizational change and by chance it led to a major contract spent on starting up Pro-Change Behavior systems, Inc. With our 20 talented staff, we have produced award-winning, digitally-based programs that set new standards for impacts on the biggest threats to the health and well-being of a broad range of populations.

Recently we sold Pro-Change to two of our leaders who have been with us from the start. Instead of retiring, I am repurposing. This includes serving as a Trustee of the Mill Valley Library. A special thrill is having recently published Changing to Thrive, which I look forward to seeing on the bookshelves of libraries.

Janice M. Prochaska – Brief Bio

One of the most published authors in the field of social work, Dr. Janice M. Prochaska has led research and development teams for health behavior and organizational change programs as the CEO at Pro-Change Behavior Systems, Inc. from 1997 – 2015.

Her collaborations include applying the Model to cutting edge issues like simultaneously reducing multiple risk behaviors and enhancing multiple domains of well-being, healthy weight management in children and adults, preventing bullying, keeping individuals out of trouble with the law, and advancing careers with populations like women scientists.

Dr. Prochaska, who holds an adjunct position at URI, earned her Master’s in Social Work from Wayne State University and her Ph.D. in Social Work Administration and Policy from Boston College. In 2013, she was recognized with an Achievement Award by the Providence Business News as one of the Outstanding Leaders in New England.