James O. Prochaska & Janice M. Prochaska

Authors, Consultants, Speakers

Welcome to our website. Here you can learn more about who we are and even more about what we do. Some of the photos on the site are from our new home on a small lot surrounded by twenty redwoods.

On our book page you can learn about three previous books that serve as the foundation for building our new one, Changing to Thrive. Our coauthored book follows in the classic footsteps of Changing for Good. Our new book also builds on the biggest and best breakthroughs that have happened in the 20 years since Changing for Good was published.

James Prochaska and Janice Prochaska

You can access our vitae – James Prochaska, Janice Prochaska – for a deeper dive into our 400 plus publications with more than 300 coauthors. In our vitae you can also see samples of our more than 500 presentations that include keynotes and other invited addresses, breakout sessions for deeper dives, and one day workshops. These presentations have been with a broad range of professionals – physicians, nurses, psychologists, substance-abuse and mental health counselors, health coaches, business, government, health and public policy leaders. There also are presentations for the public, like 300 citizens in Appalachia and others in Texas, Alaska,  California, and Washington, D.C. You can access videos of our presentations to get a flavor of what can be learned from our talks and our books.
Teaching a Stages of Change class at Stanford University with our daughter, Dr. Judith J. Prochaska

Teaching a Stages of Change class at Stanford University with our daughter, Dr. Judith J. Prochaska

On our events page you can see samples of upcoming presentations. Our current presentations are increasingly about integrative or holistic health for substance abuse and mental health populations but also for employees, primary care practices, and the public. These presentations reflect the themes in our new book that build from single to multiple behavior changes, from single to multiple domains of well-being and happiness, and from suffering or struggling to thriving.

Our presentations increasingly combine the power of stories with the power of science. This powerful combination is one of the central themes of the new book that Jim is currently writing.

Our blog page is the first opportunity that we will have to share succinctly the ideas, stories, and discussions that excite us the most. This is also the place where we seek to learn from you. What are your ideas, stories, and insights that you have about enhancing health and happiness? What would you like us to discuss more so we can match our messages to your most pressing issues.